Been Awhile....

I know, I know

It has been a decade, ok maybe more like a year

Since I last blogged....

I suck...

I know....

The Titsworth Household has been crazy with Cheerleading and Football and Daddy recovering from surgery and Mommy going crazy being pulled in a million directions....

On an up note I have lost a total of 41 pounds and holding! HOLLA!!!!

I look at old pics and can't believe that was me....WOW!

Ashleigh is becoming quite the Cheerleader......Her jumps are out of this world! as well as a very sassy almost 13 year old.....Lord help us!

Katelyn is also becoming an AMAZING Cheerleader! She started junior high this school year and is such a sweet humble young lady...I am going to enjoy her sweetness for just a bit before her sassy self kicks in....

David....well David is just David.....he started Kinder this year...I pray for his teacher daily...Lord knows she needs it...He is in trouble daily...He is playing Football and loves it so far....He is still my rambuncious, busy, sweet, loving, adorable baby boy.

Brian hurt his shoulder doing a Fire Task Test on March 18, 2012, and he tore his Rotator Cuff, Bicep Tendon, and Bicep Muscle. He underwent surgery on April 10, 2012, to have the repairs done and was off work for 2 months. He returned to work on light duty on May 22, 2012, and FINALLY will be back to FULL DUTY this Monday, October 8, 2012....might I mention that it is our 7 year wedding I will be alone with our kids on our anniversary....

Don't get me wrong, I am definitely ready for him to return to his regular shift....Oh how I have missed the extra money the last 7 months for Brian getting out of class pay....But I would LOVE to have a night or a vacation...( I can dream RIGHT?) without kids....we definitely need it and deserve it!

I am still working my booty off at Dr.Kaye's office and when not there I am working my booty off at home with my side business, Mel's Sassy Scraps, and being a mom.

Everyday we have something going on, outside of the normal everyday hustle and bustle, Monday and Tuesdays we have Football games and Football Practice in two different places, Wednesday we have cheer practice for 2 hours immediately after school, and Thursdays we have Football Practice again. Fridays....well Fridays....I get to stay home, clean the house, get life in order before the next crazy week, organize or at least try to organize the craziness of the Titsworth Household and maybe sneak in a few minutes for myself, Saturday we have David's Football Games and other kids activities that keep me running like crazy, Sunday Katelyn has cheer practice and both girls have cheer privates, and then we are back to Monday....Here we go again....

Exhausting...huh? But you know what? I wouldn't trade it for anything! We have made AMAZING FRIENDS for LIFE and my kids are only little once....We are trying to take it all in as best as we can without losing our marbles. lol.

Hopefully this catches everyone up a little bit.... Now back to life....Blessed more than you can imagine!

A few pictures of the past couple of months:



Meet Our New Elf.... Virginica....

This year we started the tradition of " Elf on A Shelf". David named our Elf, Virginica. Of course we lost it when he blurted the name out... Where does the child come up with this stuff? It has been a great discipline tool for David.

Virginica has been very mischevious and getting into everything! I LOVE that Ashleigh has helped with ideas too! Here are a couple of pics of what we have found him doing when we wake up... I didn't post the pic when he took our stockings down and hung our undies in their place...

Silly little Elf....



Pass the Fingers Please

I sure wish I was in better spirits... But I am not! By now all of you know about my finger trauma and fight with the crockpot. This is why I REFUSE to handwash dishes... I would much rather throw them away than handwash them. A week after surgery & I feel like I have shocks of electricity shooting up & down my fingers. I think this recovery is far worse than my 3 csections and my Hysterectomy! I usually end my day in tears from the pain & a few choice words. If you have any fingers to spare, please pass them to me! Here are a couple of pics of my fingers at the ER: WARNING... they are gruesome for some:

David got his cast off yesterday from breaking hos wrist Labor Day weekend, so atleast one of us is on the road to recovery!

I do have awesome neighbors that have brought us dinner... Love them!



So I know I have been on somewhat of a blogging Hiatus over the summer which flew by!

Hopefully soon I will be able to get back into my regular routine and blog a lot, but as of today I have a ton going on.

I hope everyone has had a FANTABULOUS summer break!

School started for us yesterday and it was a good day for all, well for the kids atleast,

I was not ready for my oldest to start Junior High School....YIKES!

Have a Great week y'all!